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CACI Non Surgical Treatments – Say Goodbye to Those Signs of Ageing

At Cloud 9 we’re always keen to experiment with treatments that enhance the natural beauty of gorgeous real women, but still achieve the amazing results you can access using more invasive methods. We offer CACI – a tiny micro-current to tone,
lift and re-educate muscle to achieve perkier, tighter facial skin and a more fresh and youthful appearance using your body’s own bio-electrical field. CACI is, in line with our ethos of natural Beauty, non-invasive, however the results are often so dramatic that the treatment has become known all over the world as “the non-surgical facelift”.

There are many perks to opting for CACI over a more traditional facial, but for most people the decision is about improving more significant blemishes and age-related skin ailments. Anti-aging results are very noticeable after a CACI treatment, and these range from light wrinkle therapy to microdermabrasion to greatly improve any outward signs of aging. This is how we keep people looking as young as they feel!