Cleanse Your Body, Nourish Your Soul

Beauty Treatments & Services

At Cloud9, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their image of perfection by using natural approaches with minimal intervention to enhance the real beauty and offer a boost in confidence through inner and outer changes. We think beauty is about feeling good as well as looking good, which is why we work hard to ensure every visit to our spa is about taking a moment to completely unwind.

Our beauty treatments are diverse, and range from individual hair and beauty session to packages designed to aid weight loss, create an anti-aging effect, significantly reduce cellulite, firm and tone muscle and skin, and ultimately to make those small changes in appearance that help to contribute towards a brighter, more confident you. As well as these fantastic services, we love offering visitors to our spa the opportunity to feel cared for and to leave feeling fully replenished, which is why services like manicures and pedicures, eyelash tinting and eyebrow shaping all come together to create a full package and holistic experience.

Our therapists are experts in their field and excel when it comes to delivering the premium products and treatments we have an offer. We only ever suggest processes we have tried and tested to be sure that they work, are comfortable, and are in line with our commitment to a luxury experience.