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The 6 Healing Benefits of Infared Saunas

Whether you’re feeling the stresses and strains of life, or just looking for a new way to relax, there are so many benefits to taking an infrared sauna. We all know that saunas make you sweat, and can be a welcome way to wind down after a good workout, but you might not be aware […]

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Waxing Lasts Longer With These 7 Hacks

Get waxed every month is no less than an ordeal. It is messy and painful. The saddest part is that all the trouble that you go through at the salon while getting waxed, only helps you stay smooth and hair-free for a week or two. Most of us see the body hair creeping their way […]

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7 Tips For Creating the Perfect Bridal Package

Crafting a perfect bridal beauty package can be an uphill run. With so many choices that beauty salons and makeup artists throw at you, choosing the right package can be really, REALLY, difficult. A ready-made package may not cater to every bride-to-be with an equal eye, which is why we recommend you to opt for […]

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5 Reasons Why Insanity Tan Is Your Best Tanning Solution

Fed up with patchy tans that barely last through a night out? Sick of horrible smelling formulas that leave your skin dry and gasping for moisture?

Well, so are we – which is why we invented Insanity Tan, an innovative, unique formula that is perfect for any skin type or shade. We’re proud of our product […]

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